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Some Call It The Cupboard Under The Stairs…

..but to me, it’s the data centre. Yes, that’s dust in the grille of one of the NAS units and yes, it’s embarrassing. I will rectify the situation.

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Our Nocturnal Friends

When we moved in to this house three years ago we made the ominous discovery of a box of mouse poison under the sink. However, we’ve never had a problem in all that time until a week ago, when we … Continue reading

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Almost Finished

The dining-room ceiling was repainted yesterday, along with the kitchen and living-room ceilings, too, because they run seamlessly into the dining-room. I must say, the painters did a nice job; better than the gang we had in last time. We’re … Continue reading

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Leak Found

Our reclusive, vexatious leak has finally been tracked down. A professional leak detection company, called in by our insurance company, came in with infra-red equipment and a very impressive-looking endoscope and proceeded to go poking around the house. Eventually, the … Continue reading

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This is becoming a recurring theme. We returned from Disneyland yesterday evening at about 21:30. The thought that our dining-room ceiling might once again have suffered a large amount of water being released onto it in our absence didn’t even … Continue reading

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