Almost Finished

The dining-room ceiling was repainted yesterday, along with the kitchen and living-room ceilings, too, because they run seamlessly into the dining-room. I must say, the painters did a nice job; better than the gang we had in last time.

We’re almost back to normal. Tomorrow afternoon, the lamps will be rehung over the table and the smoke detector reseated.

At that point, it’ll be as if the leak had never happened. Well, almost. There are a few tell-tale signs of the trauma that the ceiling has endured: the painted surface is visibly rougher in a couple of places and there are some slight seams at the edges of the former hole, where the filler meets the original ceiling.

All in all, though, I’m amazed that there’s so little evidence of the very intrusive work that was done. Everyone involved in the chain of repair has done an impressive job. That fact alone is quite surprising to me. We’ve had a very good contractor orchestrating the repair and I must say that it’s been great to be insulated from the process by this fellow. I’ve had to deal only with him and he has organised and dealt with everyone who needed to be brought in.

That’s how it should work, of course, but all too often, I find myself fulfilling the role of project manager. It’s been particularly nice to have a different experience this time, given the complexity of finding and fixing the problem. There’s been a minimum of fuss and the work has been completed quite quickly. It’s great to be able to leave on holiday this Sunday without any fear of the state we’ll find the place in on our return.

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