The Wait

Here I am again at Audi, waiting for summer and air-conditioning checks to be carried out in preparation for our trip.

The fan in the car actually started growling after I made the appointment to have the airco checked over, as if the car knew that now was the time to start throwing in the towel.

At the start of the drive here, the electrically driven side mirrors decided not to fold in or out any more, so now those have to be looked at, too. The more electronics in a car (or anything else, for that matter), the more that go wrong. Still, better now than a week from now, when we’ll be in the Baltics.

I wanted to title this entry Waiting Room, but the computer here wanted to complete the title for me, revealing that I must have used that title the last time I blogged from here. I’m nothing if not consistent, is one possible conclusion.

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