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Broadening The Band

My domestic bandwidth has finally caught up with the halcyon days I experienced at Google in 2003 – 2004. It was somewhere around then that we, Googlers in the Mountain View office, were first able to access the Internet at … Continue reading

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First 100km On The Clock

We took the car out for a ride in the appallingly dismal Dutch summer weather yesterday, driving to Leiden to visit Naturalis. We’ve now passed 100 km at the end of our first week of ownership and, I must say, … Continue reading

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New Car + Android Phone + Bluetooth A2DP = Spotify While Driving

I’d already paired my phone with our new car on the day we bought it, for the purpose of conducting phone calls. Today, I decided to see whether the car and the phone would team up to allow the distribution … Continue reading

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Some Call It The Cupboard Under The Stairs…

..but to me, it’s the data centre. Yes, that’s dust in the grille of one of the NAS units and yes, it’s embarrassing. I will rectify the situation.

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Barry, The Back-Ups Are Sorted

Last week, I took receipt of our third NAS. Like the two that went before it, it’s a Netgear ReadyNAS, this time a Pro 6 with 18 Tb of storage, model number RNDP6630-200EUS. The first thing I did was upgrade … Continue reading

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