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School bag

Eloïse woke up very excited this morning because today was the day that she was going to get to finish the bag that she’s been working on at school and bring it home. She been cross-stitching it for a few … Continue reading

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Our Nocturnal Friends

When we moved in to this house three years ago we made the ominous discovery of a box of mouse poison under the sink. However, we’ve never had a problem in all that time until a week ago, when we … Continue reading

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Eloïse had her annual weigh and measure appointment at school on Wednesday. They also did vision and hearing tests. The hearing test was the type where you wear headphones and raise your hand when you hear a beep. Over the … Continue reading

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Eloïse did a self-portrait this morning before school. She gave it to her teacher but I had to take a photo first because we were both impressed with how the little figure matched her outfit today. Ian didn’t want her … Continue reading

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Guitar Lessons

Eloïse has been asking for guitar lessons on and off for the last year. We finally arranged them and she began last week. She was painfully shy at the first lesson, sticking her fingers in her mouth and clinging to … Continue reading

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