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Voor Patricia Paay is het behoorlijk zuur (of zout)

Patricia Paay was gisteravond bij Eva Jinek te gast. Eerstgenoemde is naar eigen zeggen “kapot en leeft in een nachtmerrie”, omdat op internet een filmpje is verschenen waarin te zien is hoe zij zich in de mond laat plassen door … Continue reading

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Fox News vs. Amsterdam

“The way they do statistics in the Netherlands is different.”

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Balkenende IV Falls

Our country is once again without a government. After a 15 hour crisis meeting to shore up the ramshackle remains of a coalition at the end of its collective tether, the cabinet fell at about 04:00 in the night of … Continue reading

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The Winter That Won’t End

I wouldn’t normally blog about the weather. Even by my standards, it doesn’t get much mundaner than that. How old and farty can you get? Today, though, I feel compelled to remark on the winter we’re having. I can’t recall … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Not In America When…

Ian just informed me that he got a bill from the health insurance company.  Apparently his recent operation and hospital stay weren’t paid for by the insurance because he has a deductible.  I immediately thought that it was unfortunate that … Continue reading

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