In The Grip Of Winter

It continues to be cold here. Earlier this week, a temperature of -20.8°C was measured in the town of Ell in Limburg. That’s sub-zero even on the Fahrenheit scale.

Here in the capital, it’s been down to about -9°C at night, usually remaining just under the zero mark during the day. Biking is at once exhilarating and head-numbing. The country has become a skater’s paradise.

As I write this, it’s about -6°C. Cold, but I can at least turn the heating on, unlike those poor people in eastern European countries such as Bulgaria, where the gas has all but run out. Yes, the Russians and Ukrainians are at it again, accusing each other of interfering with the gas supply. I’m glad we live somewhere that imports hardly any Russian gas.

Tomorrow will be another sub-zero day with the forecast predicting that things will slowly start to warm up on Sunday.

Given our recent boiler problems, there isn’t a day that I take the heating in this house for granted. I hope it keeps running for a while yet.

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