The Government Of Israel Are Scum

The title of this entry lacks any subtlety, but the strength of the statement accurately conveys my feelings towards the government of the state of Israel.

There are no words to describe my disgust for the actions of this rogue state, governed by villains and cowards who have repeatedly shown themselves to be bereft of all human decency and empathy. Loveless sociopaths, the lot of them.

I feel similarly about Israel’s puppet-master, the US, which funds the israeli military and supports Israel’s apartheid regime, human rights abuses and countless war crimes and atrocities. Expect more of the same from Saint Obama, who has pledged his support for ally Israel many times. A vote for Obama was a vote for Olmert.

The new 3 hour per day ceasefire is a bad joke. Relief workers say they can’t even begin to make a dent in the mountain of human misery that Israel has already caused, utilising such a brief window. And even that 3 hour window wasn’t instituted until the US finally relented and put pressure on Israel to make a gesture of goodwill after it shelled UN schools in the Gaza Strip.

What country shells UN schools, for crying out loud? Do you see any of the so-called axis of evil states doing that? No, there’s only one nation that would dare do such a thing, secure in the knowledge that it is virtually exempt from the international laws that govern the behaviour of other countries. As long as its lord and master, that other notorious rogue state and the greatest threat to world stability, the USA, continues to apply one law to Israel and another to the rest of the world, Israel need fear nothing from the international community.

Don’t talk to me about Hamas and the need to stop the shelling of Israeli towns across the border. Nothing justifies the actions and tactics that Israel employs, which is one of the reasons the country is so reviled in the first place. Israel is the engine in the anti-semitic machine. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.

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  1. Bas Scheffers says:

    Everybody said Israel should not have allowed elections because Hamas would win, which would give them legitimacy.

    Israel ignored this and now Hamas runs the place – every bit of government and daily life.

    So now Hamas is everywhere, attacks by them increased and therefor a full-scale invasion is justifiable to Israel.

    Sounds almost like Israel set it up so they could move back into Gaza.

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