The First Week Passes

It’s hard to believe that Lucas was born a whole week ago. My, how the past week has flown by.

Saturday was Cora’s next to last day at our house. She’ll be back on Monday for the last time (in connection with Lucas, at least). Cora’s been a great help: cooking, washing, massaging, etc. Most importantly, she has created the breathing space for Sarah to rest and recuperate.

Friday was Sarah’s first venture outside the house since Lucas’s birth. She came with me to pick up Eloïse from the peuterspeelzaal, which is close enough that it made for a perfect first outing. The other mums and dads were excited to see our new family member.

Earlier this week, a sprinkler company subcontracted by our gardening company came over and laid down our new watering system. It’s only a sprinkler installation, I know, but it’s very clever. Technology is technology and this system is well-engineered. Good engineering is always impressive, whether it’s a washing-machine or a computer program.

The gardeners will hopefully return tomorrow to continue the task of readying the garden for spring. Spring’s already here in theory, but Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know it yet.

Our friends Marc and Miranda came over to meet Lucas this morning. After they left, I drove Eloïse to a birthday party in IJburg, where she had fun playing with the other children.

Lucas still spends most of the day with his eyes closed. I’ve seen them, though. They’re blue. Sarah says he looks like me, but so did Eloïse at that age. Who’s to say whether it’ll stick?

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