Just The Four Of Us

Things are going well here.

The last time Lucas was weighed, he had regained his birth weight and progressed beyond it. He’s supposed to be putting on about 50g per day and, judging by how he’s feeding, I suspect he’s hitting his targets.

We went out on Tuesday with Lucas to Bagels & Beans for lunch. We used the Cameleon pram frame with the Maxi Cosi car-seat on top as transport. The reason for the car-seat in spite of being on foot was so that we could pass by a photographic shop on the way home and get some passport photos of Lucas taken.

The car-seat turned out to be unnecessary for securing him while the photographs were taken. Instead, Sarah just sat him on a chair with one of her hands behind him to prop him up and support his head.

Lucas was getting his photo taken when he was just nine days old. Eloïse didn’t go for her passport photo (in Los Altos) until she was a full thirteen days old. In both cases, the big issue was the eyes, i.e. keeping the little buggers awake, so that their eyes are fully visible in the photo.

I don’t know why they make such a big fuss of the rules for baby passport photos. Newborns bear no resemblance to their passport photo within just a few months, so why bother?

Similarly, Lucas had to appear in person the next day at the stadsdeelkantoor, while I dealt with his passport application. Sarah came, too, as she needed to sign the form to give her consent. It went very smoothly — I didn’t even need to fill in a form — and Lucas’s passport should be ready for pick-up next Wednesday.

Lucas had his first bath today, unless you count the one he was born in. He seemed to enjoy it, although he’d definitely had enough by the end.

Cora’s last day was Monday, as planned. We miss her, but on the other hand, it’s also nice to have the house back to ourselves.

Wednesday saw the installation of an apple tree and a Chanticleer pear tree (a sierpeer or decorative pear tree in Dutch) in the garden. They look very nice,although they’ll need to grow a bit before they look at home here.

With that, the garden is on hold again for a few more days. I’m not altogether sure what the hold-up is this time, but there’s no real hurry, in any case.

Anyway, photos of Lucas’s second week of life are now on-line, including photos of his first bath.

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