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So far, Israel has: bombed 3 UN schools being used as refugee centres, killing dozens of civilians. An entire family of seven children perished in one of the raids. The UN had given the Israeli army the GPS coordinates of … Continue reading

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The Government Of Israel Are Scum

The title of this entry lacks any subtlety, but the strength of the statement accurately conveys my feelings towards the government of the state of Israel. There are no words to describe my disgust for the actions of this rogue … Continue reading

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People Are Revolting

I can reveal that the stories have not been exaggerated. New Year in Iceland is completely mental! At 23:15, we put Eloïse in the pram, wrapped Lucas in the sling, and headed up to Hallgrímskirkja, the famous church located on … Continue reading

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Bad Policies Need Bad Politicians To Enact Them

Neither Barack Obama nor Hilary Clinton have ever enjoyed much credibility in these quarters, but I do continue to be surprised by the extent to which their supporters exhibit selective blindness when performing critical analysis of their actions. Obama is … Continue reading

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The United States of America have a new president, a black man, and many people are calling this a historic event. “If this can be achieved, anything is possible”, is an oft heard quote from Americans during the past 24 … Continue reading

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