Under New Management

Well, not quite new management, but I thought I’d try something new. I’m using Dave Thomas‘s

RubLog to give the site a bit of a new

look. All of the old pages are still active. The main links that used to form

the footer of the front page can now be found in the This Site sidebar,

which is off to the left of the page.

I’ve also changed the way I add content to the site. I’m still using

vim as my editor, but I no longer enter HTML directly.

Instead, I use Markdown, which

is a simplified mark-up language, run through a

Ruby library called

BlueCloth. Thanks to RubLog’s converters,

this is all extremely easy and automatic.

Sarah’s currently away in England and Ireland, so I’m all on my

Todd. I get to live the bachelor lifestyle

for about 12 days, at which time I fly home to Amsterdam, where we’ll meet up

again. I can’t wait to get back home for a few days and escape the madness of

the US.

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