13th November 2003

I wonder whether anyone is still reading this? I would set up a blog, but I wouldn’t update it frequently enough, so why go to the trouble?

We’re going to see Killing Joke tomorrow at Slim’s in San Francisco. That’ll be a real blast from the past. I haven’t seen them since 1993 (I think) in Amsterdam’s Paradiso.

After that, I grab a night flight to Austin, Texas for the 2003 Ruby Conference.

What else has happened in the last few months? Well, Sarah and I spent a couple of weeks in Iceland to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. That was in August and early September.

In October, we moved from Menlo Park to Mountain View, another Silicon Valley town.

At the end of October, we spent a few days in Maine for the wedding of John, my brother-in-law, and his then fiancée, Sara. I then spent a couple of weeks working from Google’s New York office, which was a pleasant change from the Mountain View office.

At the end of those two weeks, we headed up to Westpoint, in New York state, where Lauren, Sarah’s bridesmaid from last year, was getting married to her fiancé, Brian.

So, the last few months have been all about weddings, moving and travel.

I’ll be looking forward to getting home from Austin and not having to travel for a few weeks. Christmas is just around the corner, though, and I’m sure that’ll see us in Providence again.

Apart from that, there’s no real news to report.

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