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Back In Print

My article on Ruby/Amazon has finally made it into print in the February issue of Dr Dobb’s Journal. This is my first published work for a computer magazine in just under ten years. It’s hard to imagine it was that … Continue reading

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ruby-ldap controls patch

I’ve put out a series of patches to ruby-ldap 0.8.3 to allow the easy use of controls. Controls take advantage of the extensible nature of LDAPv3 to provide functionality not part of the original protocol specification. < p> Specifically, I … Continue reading

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On The Money

Ruby/Finance is finally available for public consumption. I released version 0.1.0 yesterday evening to a deafening roar of silence. Currently, it handles basic Yahoo Finance stuff, such as currency conversions and stock data retrieval from the American, Australian, Asian and … Continue reading

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The Bug Returns

I’ve been farting around, looking for another programming project to sink some time into. I haven’t felt like doing any programming for a couple of months now, and I needed something to get my teeth into enough that it would … Continue reading

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Accounting for spam

Since I wrote about my new anti-spam measures, the spam has been furiously banging up against my virtual front door. Talking to a colleague on IRC tonight, I was inspired to write a quick Ruby script to report the progress … Continue reading

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