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My article on Ruby/Amazon has finally made it into print in the February issue of Dr Dobb’s Journal.

This is my first published work for a computer magazine in just under ten years. It’s hard to imagine it was that long ago that I wrote a monthly column about the Internet for the now defunct PCW Plus, a magazine devoted to users of the dearly beloved Amstrad PCW.

I’d still like to write a book at some point, if I can ever manage to summon the energy. I used to think I’d one day write a book about LDAP or Bourne shell scripting, but there are good books available on those subjects these days.

No, it’s more likely I’ll turn my hand to newspaper journalism at some point in the future, once I have more free time available.

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4 Responses to Back In Print

  1. Jo says:

    Gefeliciteerd. Nice to see your own name in print, heh?!

  2. Always nice, yes. It was fun to write this article for some of the same reasons the ‘PCW Plus’ articles were fun ten years ago.

    The editor approached me to write the article; not the other way around. I was also paid for my work, which is always pleasant.

    Perhaps the nicest thing is that I was writing an article about a piece of software that I, myself, produced. That seems somehow nicer than writing an article about someone else’s work.

    I wish I had more ideas for cool things I could program. I don’t produce much code, but when I do, it seems it has a reasonable chance of proving useful to people.

  3. Victor says:

    Ian, how much would it take to update Ruby/Amazon to use version 4 of the Amazon API?

    I find myself in the position where I could use some of the extra information available in the responses (like the number of pages)

    I could do it myself eventually, but I’m just getting my feet wet with Ruby.

    Besides, having a look at the code can’t decide how much is version 3 specific

  4. Garrett Hart says:

    I just started getting into Ruby (via Ruby on Rails) and I have also been looking at using Amazon’s web services and BAM there’s Ruby/Amazon. Thanks for your efforts.

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