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The Emperor’s New Clothes

Did you see the unveiling of the emperor’s new clothes on television yesterday? I caught only some of it, but I marvelled at the masses, awestruck and unable to see that their new emperor was as naked as they day … Continue reading

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Bad Policies Need Bad Politicians To Enact Them

Neither Barack Obama nor Hilary Clinton have ever enjoyed much credibility in these quarters, but I do continue to be surprised by the extent to which their supporters exhibit selective blindness when performing critical analysis of their actions. Obama is … Continue reading

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The United States of America have a new president, a black man, and many people are calling this a historic event. “If this can be achieved, anything is possible”, is an oft heard quote from Americans during the past 24 … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound

This is out last night in the US, where we’ve been for two weeks now, visiting Sarah’s folks. The days have been punctuated by the excellent Intelligentsia coffee and sandwiches of The Edge, shopping for cheap(er) clothes, and the wearying … Continue reading

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Spot The Difference

Dutch TV broadcasts the US presidential debates live at around 03:00. They even ask viewers to send in questions to the NOS‘s American correspondent. That means that the viewing public doesn’t just consist of VCR and DVR owners who watch … Continue reading

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