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Once You Get On, You Can’t Get Off

Ilias developed a fever in the small hours of Tuesday morning. It was oscillating between 37.5 – 38.75°C, so we called the doctor’s post (our own doctor is on holiday) and agreed to bring Ilias in for a check-up. You … Continue reading

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Which would you rather have? A root canal that lasts for three hours or your in-laws coming to stay with you for three weeks? I’m lucky enough that I get to have both: the root canal yesterday, the in-laws’ arrival … Continue reading

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Road Test

Ilias had his first bath on Thursday. Newborns have a uniquely lovely smell, a scent that supposedly aids bonding, so we like to let it sit for a week or so after birth. He was looking a bit flaky, though, … Continue reading

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Einde Kraamtijd

If I were writing this blog solely for other people, now would be a good, if somewhat belated moment to discontinue it. I don’t think anyone reads it any more. If you think I should abandon this blog, just let … Continue reading

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Ilias Eoin Linus Xavier Macdonald

Our difficulties with choosing names for our children are well documented. If reading that gives you a sense of déjà vu, that’s hardly surprising, because they’re actually really well documented. This was almost the hardest decision we’ve ever had to … Continue reading

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