Auf Wiedersehen, A6

Someone’s not happy that we’re part-exchanging our car for a new one. I can’t say any of us were very thrilled on this day, to be honest.

We said goodbye to our faithful Audi A6 Avant, which had served us well across more than 30 countries, and said hello to henpecked middle-class fartiness in the form of an MPV, the class of car that you wish you never had to buy, but can no longer avoid as the family outgrows anything that doesn’t look like a box on wheels.

Actually, the renewed Volkswagen Sharan is a prince amongst MPVs and I’m sure we’ll grow attached to it in time as it takes us all over Europe, but for now, I share Eloïse’s sadness at having to say farewell to what has been a constant in our lives over the last 5½ years.

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