Love All

An unusual experience for us all today, as Sarah and I drove to Ahoy in Rotterdam to watch a tennis match, of all things.

Our bank had given us tickets for one of the semi-finals of the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, in which the Swede, Robin Söderling, took on the Russian, Nikolaj Davydenko.

Although I drove us there wondering why on earth we were even bothering, I have to admit that, once the match got under way, I quickly became involved in it. The players were very well matched and there were some breathtaking rallies.

We had great seats and there was plenty of free booze and grub to go around. In the end, Söderling beat Davydenko with 7-6, 6-4.

Perhaps the most newsworthy element of the day was that we were without our children for no fewer than seven hours, an absolute record to date. Many thanks to Rachel and Brian for babysitting.

Rachel even went so far as to say that Lucas was so relaxed, she thinks she could have taken him overnight. Proof once again, if any were still needed, that our son has quite a different personality to our daughter, especially when adjusting for age.

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