Birthday Surprise

We’re in Ireland for a few days, on a surprise visit to my father on his sixtieth birthday. He had literally no idea we were coming, especially seeing as I had called him on the phone just a few minutes before we pulled up in his drive and rang the doorbell. He was quite taken aback.

Eloïse has to miss a couple of days of school for this visit, but finds this even more exciting than school; and that’s really saying something.

We’ll be back in Amsterdam Monday afternoon and Eloïse will be back at school on Tuesday.

My dieting regime is taking another hit while we’re here, but a four day hiatus hopefully won’t do too much harm, even with the damage inflicted by the cakes of The Happy Pear.

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  1. There are no calories in our cakes 😉

    Hope you had a nice visit.

    I think the courgette cake is my fave.

    You should visit the juice bar and have some wheatgrass and green juice to do a cleanse.


    See you again soon.


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