Baroque Beauty

Day two in lovely Vilnius and we continue to enjoy the pace of life in this tranquil city.

We climbed Gediminas Hill today for the delightful panoramic views from the top of Gediminas Tower. The ascent was well worth it, and we didn’t even cheat by taking the funicular railway instead.

Other high points today, literal or otherwise:

  • Ice-cream at Soprano on Pilies gatvé. This was a weapon of mass destruction to my diet.

  • Wandering the streets of the self-proclaimed Republic of Užupis. This place is vaguely reminiscent of Christiana in Copenhagen, but without the overtly anarchistic overtones. The Užupis neighbourhood seems to have its roots more in humour than in politics.

  • The interiors of the city’s many churches, belonging to almost as many denominations. The Soviets certainly had a black sense of humour, turning one gorgeous church into the Museum of Atheism during their reign and another into a basketball court.

I’m too tired to give more detail and, with plenty on the sightseeing list for tomorrow, it’s going to be another full day requiring a good night’s sleep.

There’s been no hint of rain, by the way, for days now.

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