Do you want to know how to make yourself feel old?

Fire up Rock Band 2 on your PS3, hit the network for an On-line Tour and find yourself some bandmates. Last night, my band found itself performing with a singer in Massachusetts and a bass player in Washington.

After a while, we enquired about one another’s age; and so it was revealed that the singer of my band was just 11 years old, and the bass player an impressive 15.

At 3 in the morning, you suddenly feel quite old when you realise you’re playing a plastic guitar in a virtual band with a singer whose voice hasn’t even broken yet. That kid’s barely a quarter of my age and only seven years older than Eloïse.

At the same time, this illustrates how unbelievably cool, powerful and social the Internet is.

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2 Responses to Old

  1. Geoff says:

    Too bad we cant play between PS3/360. This would be fun. 🙂

    Im off to Australia for work in two days, hope youre having fun!

  2. ianmacd says:

    Yes. Clearly you need to add a PS3 to your collection. 🙂

    Great news on the trip to Australia. I’m envious. Which city/cities?

    And how much longer do you expect to be contracting for this company?

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