Oasis In Amsterdam

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, I went to see Oasis play two nights at the Heineken Music Hall. Odd though it may sound, I’d somehow not managed to catch Oasis live before.

Liam’s voice, a subject of much recent discussion, sounded a bit strained, but actually held up well both nights. All of the beer throwing and post-ban smoking got on my tits, but at least no-one threw any fireworks indoors. That has apparently happened at some recent concerts. Getting wet and smelly is one thing, losing an eye is another.

High quality torrents of the first and second nights are up on DIME, so go and get them if Oasis is your bag.

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2 Responses to Oasis In Amsterdam

  1. Geoff says:

    Not sure why people are throwing beer (waste), but smoking at concerts is so normal it’s hard to imagine it going away even with a ban.

  2. ianmacd says:

    Yeah, I know. The ban is pretty much unenforceable at a gig like this, anyway.

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