23rd March 2003

What can be said about this week? Words are not enough to express my disgust for George Bush and his loathesome band of war criminals as they lawlessly ravage Iraq, causing death and destruction in their wake. These grey-haired, impotent old men sicken me with their lies and deceit, their cynicism and overbearing self-righteousness.

I can only hope they are one day forced to answer for their actions at the International Criminal Court in The Hague (but, of course, Bush opted out of that, too, didn’t he?)

In other news, Sarah and I spent a week in Amsterdam last week, seeing old friends and generally just hanging out and taking in the old home atmosphere. We also viewed a few flats with a view to moving back there.

Lastly, my green card was granted earlier in the week, signalling one of the final stages in my immigration saga. It’s a provisional one, of course, which we’ll need to petition the INS to convert to a permanent one a couple of years from now.

How ironic that I should be granted the right to live here at a time when it is so unpleasant to actually be here, knowing that my taxes are being used in support of this corrupt regime.

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