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Ilias Eoin Linus Xavier Macdonald

Our difficulties with choosing names for our children are well documented. If reading that gives you a sense of déjà vu, that’s hardly surprising, because they’re actually really well documented. This was almost the hardest decision we’ve ever had to … Continue reading

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Too Flogged To Blog

What I haven’t written here over the last couple of days speaks volumes; to me, anyway. We didn’t even manage to take any photos on Thursday or Friday, but are rectifying that today with a selection of shots of the … Continue reading

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And Then There Were Five

Sarah woke me at 05:30 this morning with labour pains. Successive contractions were just a couple of minutes apart, so I got straight on the phone to Laura, our midwife, and Jacky, our doula. This is the same birth team … Continue reading

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The Hypothetical Eleventh Month Fuck-Stop

What a week. Take my advice: If you’ve got young children and you are planning to have more, stop fucking at the start of November and don’t reconvene until January. The timing of late July/early August for being heavily pregnant … Continue reading

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Some Call It The Cupboard Under The Stairs…

..but to me, it’s the data centre. Yes, that’s dust in the grille of one of the NAS units and yes, it’s embarrassing. I will rectify the situation.

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