Overview and Introduction

Ruby/Password is a suite of password handling methods for Ruby. It supports the manual entry of passwords from the keyboard in both buffered and unbuffered modes, password strength checking, random password generation, phonemic password generation (for easy memorisation by human-beings) and the encryption of passwords.

From the CrackLib README:

CrackLib makes literally hundreds of tests to determine whether you've chosen a bad password. - after all that, it's PROBABLY a safe(-ish) password. 8-)

The target audience for this library is system administrators who need to write Ruby programs that prompt for, generate, verify and encrypt passwords.

For full details of the library and its methods, please read the separate RDoc documentation. You may also consult the change log.


Ruby/Password requires ruby-termios to be installed.


ruby-password-0.5.3.tar.gztarred and gzipped source
ruby-password-0.5.3-2.i386.rpmBinary RPM for Ruby 1.8.x
ruby-password-0.5.3-2.src.rpmSource RPM
ruby-termios-0.9.4-4.i386.rpmBinary RPM of ruby-termios for Ruby 1.8.x
ruby-termios-0.9.4-4.src.rpmSource RPM of ruby-termios