Class Amazon::AWS::VehiclePartSearch
In: lib/amazon/aws.rb
Parent: Operation

Search for parts for a given vehicle.



Public Class methods

Find parts for a given year, make_id and model_id of vehicle. parameters is an optional hash of parameters that further refine the scope of the search.


 vps = 2008, 73, 6039,
                              { 'TrimId' => 20,
                                'EngineId' => 8914 } )

In this example, we look for parts that will fit a 2008 model Audi R8 with Base trim and a 4.2L V8 Gas DOHC Distributorless Naturally Aspirated Bosch Motronic Electronic FI MFI engine.

Note that pagination of VehiclePartSearch results is not currently supported.

Use VehicleSearch to learn the MakeId and ModelId of the vehicle in which you are interested.


# File lib/amazon/aws.rb, line 1308
      def initialize(year, make_id, model_id, parameters={})
        super( { 'Year'           => year,
                 'MakeId'  => make_id,
                 'ModelId' => model_id }.merge( parameters ) )