Class Amazon::AWS::VehiclePartLookup
In: lib/amazon/aws.rb
Parent: Operation

Look up individual vehicle parts.



Public Class methods

Look up a particular vehicle part. item_id is the ASIN of the part in question and parameters is an optional hash of parameters that further refine the scope of the search.

Although the item_id alone is enough to locate the part, providing parameters can be useful in determining whether the part looked up is a fit for a particular vehicle type, as with the VehiclePartFit response group.


 vpl = 'B000C1ZLI8',
                              { 'Year' => 2008,
                                'MakeId' => 73,
                                'ModelId' => 6039,
                                'TrimId' => 20 } )

Here, we search for a 2008 model Audi R8 with Base trim. The required Ids can be found using VehiclePartSearch.


# File lib/amazon/aws.rb, line 1276
      def initialize(item_id, parameters={})
        super( { 'ItemId' => item_id }.merge( parameters ) )