Class Amazon::Transaction
In: lib/amazon/transaction.rb
Parent: Amazon::Product

Load this library with:

 require 'amazon/transaction'

This class provides access to Amazon’s Transaction Details API.

Classes and Modules

Class Amazon::Transaction::Error
Class Amazon::Transaction::Request
Class Amazon::Transaction::Response


MAX_ORDER_IDS = 5   This is the maximum number of order IDs that can be specified in Amazon::Transaction::Request#get_details.


condition  [R] 
error  [RW] 
items  [RW] 
order_id  [R] 
promotion  [RW] 
seller_id  [R] 
shipping  [RW] 
subtotal  [RW] 
tax  [RW] 
total  [RW] 
transaction_date  [R] 
transaction_epoch  [R]