Module Amazon::Search
In: lib/amazon/search/seller.rb

Load this module with:

 require 'amazon/search'

This module provides basic Amazon search operations.


Classes and Modules

Module Amazon::Search::Blended
Module Amazon::Search::Exchange
Module Amazon::Search::Seller
Class Amazon::Search::Cache
Class Amazon::Search::Request
Class Amazon::Search::Response


HEAVY = true   Perform a HEAVY search when you want AWS to return all data that it has on a given search result.
LITE = false   Perform a LITE search when you just want a small subset of the data that AWS has for a given search result. See the AWS documentation for more details.
LIGHT = false
ALL_PAGES = 0   Use the special constant ALL_PAGES when you are performing a search that accepts a page number as a parameter, but you want to retrieve all pages, not just a single page.
ALL_EDITIONS = true   The following constants govern whether all editions of books are returned when performing Request#author_search, Request#keyword_search and Request#power_search.
RATE_LIMIT_REQUESTS = true   RATE_LIMIT_REQUESTS must be true for compliance with Amazon Web Services regulations, which stipulate no more than one search per second.
MAX_LITE_ASINS = 30   Maximum number of ASINs that can be handled by a lite search.
MAX_HEAVY_ASINS = 10   Maximum number of ASINs that can be handled by a heavy search.
MAX_LITE_UPCS = 30   Maximum number of UPCs that can be handled by a lite search.
MAX_HEAVY_UPCS = 10   Maximum number of UPCs that can be handled by a heavy search.
MAX_REDIRECTS = 3   Maximum number of 301 and 302 HTTP responses to follow, should Amazon later decide to change the location of the service.

Public Class methods

Returns an Array of valid product search modes, such as:

apparel, baby, books, classical, dvd, electronics, garden, kitchen, magazines, music, pc-hardware photo, software, tools, toys, universal, vhs, video, videogames, wireless-phones

Returns an Array of valid offer types, such as:

All, ThirdPartyNew, Used, Collectible, Refurbished

Returns an Array of valid sort types for mode, or nil if mode is invalid.