CP/M Plus Amstrad plc
v 1.15, 61K TPA, 2 disc drives, SIO/Centronics add-on, 1904K drive M:
HDriver V5.0.2A MAIN (C) CIRTECH UK Ltd '93

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Well, this is the PCW section. I don't maintain it much any more, as the demand doesn't really warrant the supply. However, I continue to add relevant links whenever I come across any or somebody tells me about one. If you've got any suggestions for further ways to improve the PCW section, please do let me know.

Circuit diagrams of the PCW's CPU, keyboard, monitor and printer have been rescued from obscurity for anyone who's interested.

For anyone still interested in bang up-to-date information on the PCW, I'd strongly recommend a subscription to PCW Today. This is every bit as informative as PCW Plus was and must surely be the number one PCW resource around today. As of the latest issue, David Langford provides a monthly column of his musings.

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